Are you ready, Love? Let’s race until the wind mess up my hair, and we disappear over speeding  without a tail following us closer.

The tank it’s full, let’s vanish from the crowd, are you ready to run away? I just want to see one of your arms on the steering wheel, and the other one holding me closer.

May I play with your hair? I like how it’s feels slipping through my fingers when I touch it while you drive. If someone stop us, they will tell how high are we on adrenaline, and we do not care anymore… don’t stop.

Do you like my dress? I’m wearing one of your favorite colors. The girls made me pretty for you, the want us one.

Pull over now, it’s getting dark. Can we have that dance that you promise me once? Turn up the music, and dance with me in the middle of this desert, here where only the cactus, the stars, and the snakes will be witnessing your moves.

Can you recognize the song? I’m whispering the lyrics like a Pink Lady in your ear like the way you did last fall like a T Bird: “You are the one that I want”. 

You are looking at me without pronouncing a single word, and I’m just losing myself in those eyes begging you to make everything to slow down, to a stop while you kiss me.


19 Comments Add yours

  1. The Recovery Republic says:

    Nice image and good content

    1. bellafilippi says:

      Thank you so much!!!!

  2. simplegirl74 says:

    Loved this! I love your blog layout as well. Very creative!

    1. bellafilippi says:

      Thank you very much!

  3. Nice I like its eclectic outlook 🙂

  4. Via Bella says:

    Nice post. I think traveling is so much fun and I need to do more of it!
    ~ http://viabella-thebeautifullife.blogspot.com/

    1. bellafilippi says:

      Thank you so much 🙂

  5. Loving the layout of your blog, so different.

    1. bellafilippi says:

      Thank you so much!!!!

  6. trmeson says:

    This is a nice little story. Thank you for sharing it. I don’t travel as much as I used to because of finances, but this a great read.

    1. bellafilippi says:

      Thank you so much!!!!

  7. GlossyCoverEditor says:

    Poetry and prose all in one! Love the snapshot

  8. Morgan says:

    Ah… poetry 😍

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