A place call Boston…



I don’t need to be ask too many times to say YES for traveling. This time, East Coast baby, I flew 1366 km (848 miles).

I know the snow was out there, but “the cold never bother me anyway”. So, why not having on my memories a trip to the City of Champions and Tom Brady? and a secret, I was looking for answers, but I came home with more doubts.

Let’s talk about the city, that will be less complicated.

Can someone please explain to me why the snow looks like it is never going to melt? It’s like when I’m making arepas and for some reason, the dough gets hard (yes, I’m still learning how to make my Venezuelan food, people). And what about the size of the streets? Very small, you can almost witness how a car can be hit in any minute; driveways and street parking are not reliable. 


26-34 Chestnut St.

As a person how is faithful to her roots, my first stop was brunch at “Viva Mi Arepa”. I cannot describe you how happy I was feeling having food that tasted like home.  Leidi was the most amazing host ever, she cooked for me before they opened the restaurant. I had apabellon criollo (black beans, meatloaf, plantain, rice, cheese, and of course, arepas).


Pabellon Criollo

Another adventure was on Sunday. Lucky me, Bostonians celebrated St. Patricks day. What can I say about this day? I was Irish for one day, and I forgot to pronounce “kiss me, I’m Irish”. The celebration was less catastrophic than Chicago, but people drink a lot too. For this reason, I made a quick stop at the bar “Cheers” (Do you remember the show? With Ted Danson, from 1982 to 1993). 



If you know me, you will be sure of this. My favorite place, the library (I’m a geek, I know). Marvelous place, huge and easy to discover. Pieces of art everywhere, and a fun fact, Simon Bolivar bust is in one corner, I felt honored, “Venezuela is in the house”. The location of the library is very convenient, downtown, walk distance from the Boston Common park. And a not so good fact, is located a few steps from where the 2013 terrorist attack happened.


Knowledge is the key.

I spent only 36 hours in Boston. I know there are so many things I missed… should I go there again?

I will list you the other places I visited and maybe you can continue it?

  1. Castle Island (peaceful place for a morning walk, better on the evening).

  2. Beacon Hill (this was call one of the “most beautiful neighborhoods in the US).

  3. King’s Chapel and Burying Grounds (beautiful inside and outside; the cemetery is something you must see).

  4. Hall Marketplace (afternoon walk with a coffee in your hands).

  5. Newbury St. 


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  1. Dineshkumar says:

    For your information this is the first time I am reading a travel blog. Really a nice piece of article

    1. bellafilippi says:

      Thank you so much 🌷

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