Good vibes only


January it’s over… so quickly, right? I cannot believe we are in February now. The time is passing so fast, it’s just for me or you are feeling it too?

Anyway, a new month and new lessons to share. I’m feeling powerful this year, why? Because I’m working hard for finally reaching my goals. Everything that I’m doing will impact my future in a good way, I have faith.

On the last two weeks of January everything started to looked different. First, I learned what does it feel to be a matured person. I decided to walked away from people and situations that were threatening my peace. I was feeling that my mind and my values were not respected it so I said STOP and left.

Second, and this one was kind of funny because I was talking about it with one of my dearest friends a couple of days ago. We must be surrounded by people with a positive and grateful attitude. Negative and pessimistic vibes are rapidly contagious, I do not need drama in my life, I think I have and had enough. The important thing here is that the people we decide to let in in our lives must have an optimistic point of view. And because I’m not a selfish person, I can definitely help others to see all the good they have in their lives.

Third, we need to open our eyes to the world, but WIDE open. We start living when we decide to get out from our “comfort zone”, we must take chances, we must take risks. Why we cannot be more thankful for what we have today? It’s so simple, just take a minute, in silence preferentially, and think about what do you have today that last year was just a dream?

And last but not least…Why do we over think EVERYTHING? Something as simple as a text message, we start to read it in a “deepest way”. Sometimes certain situations and people are just exactly what we saw or felt, no need for staying up the whole night thinking about it.

 I’m good, you are good, period.

Unfortunately, a lot of people love to create drama (I have a Saudi friend who LOVES to do drama). I always say “I do not do teen drama”, and it’s true. We are old enough to know what do we want and how do we want it (like a slogan from a motivational campaign lol).

My advice for you today is to keep your life simple; do not do any harm, tell to your grandparents how much you love them, call your mother, and respect yourself. 

Stop thinking and just do it, if it works, good for you. If it does not, well you learned something and for sure you will do it better the next time.


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  1. Reblogged this on raynotbradbury and commented:
    Something we all need to read today 🙂 KEEP YOUR LIFE SIMPLE and ENJOY IT!

  2. Buffy Devane says:

    Very well expressed. 🙂

    “Keep it simple”… that’s as wise (and as straightforward) as it gets!

    1. bellafilippi says:

      Thank you very much💕

      1. Buffy Devane says:

        You’re most welcome. 🙂

  3. layersofchic says:

    love the mentality of good vibes only!

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