Where my refuge is…


The words are never enough when I’m trying to talk from my soul.

Days are passing very slow for the last 11 days, but I need to try to get back on my feet.

Can you be there for me if I need you?

Please, If I lose my way and suddenly I forget who I am, be the one who’s going to bring me back. 

Give me those kisses that knows me as you know Maryjane and I will back…to you.

Sometimes I woke up in the morning and look myself in the mirror and all I see is someone who still in pain for her lost but with time and God she will be fine. 

Can you just hug me until I fall asleep again?

I don’t want to keep running, but I’m so weak when you are around.

Some nights I wonder if you are out there somewhere thinking about me. Last time, when I started to walk away, I saw your darker eyes looking back at me. I wish you weren’t my refuge when I just need to disappear.

I need to go Home…take me where the weather is nice and “I want you forever even when we are not together”.

I know I should’ve answer that call… please, don’t be mad. I needed to be alone but I’m here now, and I need you.

Could you please come as you always do? No one needs to know, it will be between you and me as it always is.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Aleksandra says:

    This was very touching ❤

    1. bellafilippi says:

      Thank you Aleksandra🎄

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