Rain is a good thing…


Here we were, touching the flames of fire. I was hanging close to your chest, getting burn. Is that the other side? Did I cross it?

A part of me got tired but my heart wants me to keep fighting.

Am I fading away? I cannot see the true colors anymore but he wants to show me what I have been missing. Should I care?

I used to believe we were something unique, we had the dream that a lot of people wish to live. But baby I’ve passed the end, you didn’t let me love you as I lied to myself about you.

After that Monday night, I have been driving to where I might belong but the road still not as good as ours and the rain in the middle of the desert is a good thing when you are not allow to feel. I will stop for coffee before heading there and make you immortal.

I might light some smoke and let it go through my window when the highway gets clear to press the gas and disappear.

Sometimes I wonder if I will remember your face when we start our new lives. Sometimes I wonder if your bed tells you every night how I don’t talk about you as you asked.

Hearts are beating, you cannot lie on that, you were inside on different rhythms I know… but baby, we are our own beautiful mess.

I have only this life and I don’t want to spend it apologizing for feeling, regretting or running after people who don’t see me. But I promise you, you will see me as you never did before, and when that time comes, I will be unreachable. 

You will understand why the rain that is good if you wake up from your darkest dream and follow what scares you the must. 

I’m brave today because I believe in myself. I’m taking the chances that make me feel proud of who I am after you.


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