I might haven’t met you yet but this is for you


Hello baby, I’m not sure if I already know you.

 Maybe you were that one which I broke up a few months ago? Or maybe you are my Ex with which I do not speak for almost two years? Or maybe we have not met yet or you will show up in one of my trips. 

Maybe one day you will be next to me in class or at that work of my dreams that I have not found yet. Of course, maybe as simple as a coffee date with someone that I met through Tinder, Instagram, etc.

I do not need you to come tomorrow or after tomorrow, I’m kind of busy right now enjoying my single life. But within a year, you must come, for sure I will be already tired of making black coffee just for one.

I do not need you perfect but attractive for sure. You do not need to have gone to college, but would be nice if you had a vision of future, vision of progress and aim to discover new horizons. Please, be interested in what I love in who I am. It is important that you know how to cook, I’m not the best in the kitchen, but I would love to learn from you. You do not need to be a millionaire, if we are rich enough to have our own roof and food in our refrigerator, it’s okay. Both will provide, and God too.

Be comprehensive in my days when I’m feeling “more woman”, I may cry for silly things, I may be more sleepy than usual and I will demand more attention.

Let’s jogging or playing soccer together or learn how to use the skateboard. But above all, do not let the routine kill us. Do everything possible to make each day remarkable. Give me all of you, I will give you all of me.

About getting married, I do not need a fancy wedding, we just need our love ones close. Instead of spending all the money in a party, let’s travel and live our first adventure as husband and wife.

When the time comes, let’s have babies and enjoy make then. We will educate them as simply as the best version of ourselves. I will make sure they will be respectful, tolerant and above all, happy. We will teach them that life does not last forever and that is why they need to enjoy without losing their focus on the important matters. I do not care if we have only boys or only girls, or even the soccer team, I just want us to be one happy family where our kids understand that family is the most important thing in the world. I am not going to lie you, I have some names in my head already, but we can make an agreement.

All I ask is that you love and you respect me as a woman, never hurt me or deceive me. Do not be a possessive love or controller one. If you are agreed, we will be fine the rest of our days.

See you soon then…

Dirty Road Diary


I know the taste of your lips too well, and I know you know mine. I know the truth behind your darker eyes and you know mine under this roller-coaster. But here I am again, sharing words you cannot take.

Probably you did not know the impact of your words, can you remember? The wind on my sales changed that night.

I know you do…

I have been here for so long; I did not feel lost this whole time but you do not notice how much I adore you.

I need to let go…

I am looking through the window and I can see how high my cotton candy sky it’s starting to change and I am feeling scared, maybe is this wine but it should be enough to avoid thinking about your words about the edge of the knife.

I am chasing sunsets until one makes me stay, I know that God put you on my path for a good reason even when it does not make sense now, but I am not going to ask him Why.

I am leaving like the sunset over the mountain… so long my dear until we meet again and we will share a smile from distance.

Everyone thinks they know me, they think they know about you, but the truth is, only you and I know.

I want to stop screaming your name to the nada… because you are not going to come.

What do you feel? Can you look at me for one last time? I am giving one step back and deep down I’m hoping that you can stop me.

I saw myself beautifully in your eyes, and you had the best of me. I knew your better and your bad…

I am lighting this candle so you will remember me as that girl that loves you but the one who run away .

Hush love and do not say anything, fall sleep next to me and let’s finish this illusion. Do not forget and believe in my words, I was always yours because it was always you.

Do you remember the famous 1999 poem? “I hate the way you are not around and the fact that you didn’t call but mostly, I hate the way I don’t hate you, not even close, not even a little bit, not even at all”.