California Dreams



Have you ever feel a place like a genuine hug?

This is what this place means to me. Here is where I think about that man I adore but I see him disappear every time with the sunset and I’m letting him go without a word.

It’s a town where I see my dreams in someone else’s eyes like a train that just left me behind.

It’s where I do not break down because it feels like home if I get to be hold in a warm hug. Is where I do not want to leave; I just wish for the time to stop.

It’s where I feel I just want to take that plane and go to my dream place without getting worry about my next week because I’m doing what makes me happy and no what others think is the best for me… even when sometimes they are right.

Its where I plan my bucket list with latitudes beyond my comprehension and beyond the rules.

It’s where I have my secret place, where it does not feel award and I feel myself even under the shadows of lies. And why not… It’s the secret I love that waits for me but makes me too damn scared to leave.

So here I am, hitting the road again, letting the music to guide my path and loving myself more than before for being brave.

What you should do? If you ask me, just try and live, sometimes life becomes too short to wait, let the moments take you and lose control for once.

Do not attempt to feel you will screw up things for following your heart, because at the end of the day it’s going to be you trying to get it out of your skin, and at some point, it’s the past that you are dying to change.

Do not let the good life pass by, go after those dreams that never came true when you were captive, do not be scare because as soon as you get out… I promise you, you will be unstoppable.

This is my escape; this is my world… and if you want to know my secret, it is simple: I do not feel bad for feeling the way I do anymore. I stop being that fool who was feeling something that was not feeling me.


What’s in my suitcase?


Packing can be really stressful. I was doing laundry last night until probably 1am just to have everything ready. This trip have different vibes, I’m more excited than ever. Who knows me, knows that I love California so damn much.

This is my second trip in a month (I went to Angola, IN at the beginning of the month, remember?). 

I’m starting to think that putting down my monthly goals is actually something good. I’m feeling more organized and motivated.

Who does not like to travel all the time? I can tell you this, my weekdays are extremely busy, my agenda barely gives me time to even work out but, my dear fellows, I’m making things happen and that’s the reward.

This time I’m going to see my Aunt Ramona in Sacramento. She came a few months ago to visit her son and I’m getting ready to give her the surprise (and of course to eat her delicious food). I do not see her since February 2015, the last time I went home (a.k.a. Venezuela).

If I have enough time, I will try to visit San Francisco, I checked and it’s just three hours from SAC; sounds like a good plan for a roadtrip.

I always travel with carry-on so there is not much that I can pack. I will be traveling for nine days… how the heck I will survive with just a few clothes? Let’s face it, women like to be prepared for every occasion.

As usual I started my suitcase preparation with a list (yes, I know, I’m obsessed with having everything in order). I considered myself an expert now, but I thought it would be fun to share my experience. And for the record, this post is intended for women, guys don’t have these kind of issues, they can wear the same clothes, same shoes and “no problem”.

First advice ladies, do not pack things that do not match with a lot of pieces in your wardrobe. I’m very practical, nothing better than a white t-shirt, jeans and converse. But let’s talk with numbers:

2 jerseys (Chicago Bulls and Leones del Caracas)

4 t-shirts

2 shirts (short-sleeve)

1 tanks

1 dress

2 sweatpants

2 jeans (1 blue, 1 black)

1 sweaters

1 nightgowns

10 panties

2 bras (white, nude)

10 socks

2 pairs of shoes (sneakers)

1 hair dryer

1 accessory box (jewelry)

1 make up

1 bag with shampoo, conditioner, detangler spray, body lotion, deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, etc (you all know this regular kit).

And do not forget about the handbag, in mine is where I have my camera, my book, and money. 

Do you think I will need something else?

This is me today…



Today is so delightful outside. I’m sitting on my backyard, still wearing my pajamas, enjoying a cup of black coffee (no sugar, no milk), feeling pleased by the silent, the birds, and the sun.

My week days are always active. Getting up at 5am, go to the gym, shower, breakfast while I’m driving, arriving at 8.30am to work for 7 hours, then school for two hours… a piece of cake right?

Thinking about myself, in how much I have progressed since I’m living on my own, what can I say about who is this woman sitting here writing? I believe I’m the typical woman in her early 30s that work hard to pay the bills, that love to read books about perfect love stories (Nicholas Sparks is my favorite writer), a woman who got tired of looking for love usually in the wrong places, and now is here just waiting for love to find her. I enjoy the comfort of an old pair of jeans with a white shirt and dirty Chuck Taylors.

Sometimes I feel I’m too much of a giver, I feel some people are just using me and I don’t like that. Since that, I decided to spend my time with people that have shown me they really care and represent someone positive in my life.  

Despite the fact that it might not make others happy, or that it’s not exactly what all of my peers are doing, I’m not going to let the expectations of others tear me down anymore.

I have some mistakes on my luggage but none of those can tell you what my life is supposed to be about, only me can do that. I discovered that my existence was meant for something better, something big than what the world was showing me back home, I’m not that person anymore. It took me a while, but I’m starting to get all my things together.

If Kanye West can call himself a god, I can call myself a writer. One day I will publish my book and the world will know about that story I have locked in my chest waiting to release.  

Yes, I’m not getting any younger, time is touching my ass but I’m letting my values and God guide my life, and I will keep sharing my light with those that deserve it. I don’t give explanations anymore, I just don’t care…well, only to my Mom if she asks.



El mes pasado comencé a escribir mis metas y resoluciones, prometí continuar haciéndolo mes a mes. Aunque creo que esta vez las imprimiré y colocaré en la nevera para verlas más seguido y apurarme.

En Agosto logre algunas y en otras sigo trabajando: Sí me leí 3 libros, Sí viaje, Sí me cambie el color de mi cabello (está rojizo), No logre hacer el curso online por falta de tiempo y Sí hice tiempo para mi pero no tanto como hubiese gustado.

Ya es un nuevo mes y puedo confesar que este ejercicio me ayudó a evaluar y seguir de cerca mi progreso, me mantiene más organizada.

Hoy, 1ro. de Septiembre, hablemos de mi agenda:


  1. Alcanzar los 2500 seguidores en mi Facebook Fanpage.

  2. Escribir dos artículos semanales para mi blog ( 4 semanas = 8 artículos).

  3. Leer 3 libros.

  4. Viajar a un lugar nuevo (ser más turista y menos local).

  5. Hacer un curso online (dedicarme todo un día a eso).

  6. Hacer más cosas que me hagan feliz a mí, no puedo complacerlos a todos.

  7. Ahorrar $500.

Ahora bien, faltan solo 114 días para Navidad… el tiempo vuela y no nos estamos haciendo jovenes.

¿Te gustaría compartir tus metas para este mes conmigo? Escríbeme y te responderé, para mi es un placer conocerlos.

Septiembre, SORPRENDEME!!!