An MBA for a better future



I have being living in the US since September 2012. I came here to learn English that would give me the chance of getting a better job back home. What I did not know was that my country was about to come closer to the end. Venezuela is dying, thanks to my government; there is no chance for me to have a future now.

I have a sister who lives in Panama now because she is looking for a quality of life that Venezuela cannot give us anymore. My mom, my dad, my grandparents and my Godparents still live in Caracas. The photo that I’m sharing is the last picture of us all together in Christmas 2014. My family is my strength.

The political and social situation in Venezuela has separated a lot of families, not just mine. There is not a day where I don’t miss them or wish them to be with me. But I’m the Plan B for them, if I can get a good job, I can help them better.

So far being bilingual (English and Spanish) with a bachelors in Business Administration had not help me to find a job. As an international student I’m not allowed to work legally, it’s hard to find someone who trusts in me enough to sponsor for an H1 visa.

I came to this country with a goal which is pursuing a master’s degree. I’m finishing my English as a second language and now I want to make my biggest dream true. For this very reason, I’m writing you to kindly ask for your help.

I’m applying to Elmhurst College for an MBA with a specialization in Management of People which will cost $25.000 just for the classes. I will start school in February 2017, so hopefully this will give me the enough time to raise this money.

This means a lot to me if you can help me. Because I’m not doing this just for myself, I’m doing this for my family. Frankly, I’m scared that one day my country will end up with a regimen like Cuba. I don’t want to see my family having hard times or suffer while I’m far away. I will be forever thankful to all of you, and I know God is going to help you too when he sees how you helped me.

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I cannot believe it is August already , only 140 days until Christmas. Time is flying and I’m still struggling with my goals for this year. Every time I feel like I’m close it to get it, something comes out and delayed my plans. 

Somebody, please tell me if I keep working hard, being humble and stay focused I will achieve it? Makes me feel sad sometimes.

This month, I decided to focus even more. Starting from the fact, I booked a flight for next month to go to a place I always want it to go, and the most important part of this is that I booked it for when I felt was a  good time for me, not basing my choice in my work schedule. I want to be more in control of my time and my life. Yes, I’m 33 years old, and I want to keep traveling as much as I can just to write and live (I now sometimes I feel old, but only happens when I open my facebook and see how my friends are having babies, getting married, etc. Is it normal to feel this pressure?) 

 I need some peace of my mind. Anyway, this month I will be:

  1. Reading three books.
  2. Traveling two weekends from four (it doesn’t matter if is just to visit my family in Rockford, IL, traveling is traveling).
  3. Changing my hair, I do not know yet if will be just color or if I should get a bob haircut. (what do you think?)
  4. Doing an online course for social media marketing beginner (I need to learn more how to spread my writing, any advice?).
  5. Making some time for myself. You might think this is not something that I should have as a goal, but between working, attending to classes, I forget to treat myself so I want to make a point to do that for myself.

Sharing my goals with my readers keeps me motivated to write more and more. I want to be more passionate, tell more stories, inspire people, be more personal (maybe starting a youtube channel?).

While I was writing this I was talking to my friend who lives in Barcelona now. She was telling we need to keep fighting, praying and staying together. We did not choose this episode in our lives but because of our country situation, we must stay strong. The best part of our conversation was when she said: “one day everything will fall into place”.