A place call​ Angola, IN


It was on a Monday evening when I decided to go to visit “my brother from another mother”. I was not feeling myself for a few days, I was looking for a change, I was looking for some air.

My agenda is always busy from Monday through Friday. I know I need to take it slow but, how can I do that when I have so much to solve? For example, on Friday I went to a successful job interview but I ended up declining because the CEO did not ask me the most important question, “what is your status in the US?”, I was honest and I told him I cannot work, I was looking for an internship position, but he told me I do not need to worry about anything, they can “fix and help”…something inside of me told me “wait for something better”. I guess this is the every day of foreigners looking for an opportunity in this country, right?

Back to our subject, I started my road trip. First I stopped in  “Uncle Harry’s Old Fashioned Ice cream & Coffee” for a vanilla latte that was glorious. A trip that supposed to be 3 hours, became 4  hours because of the many  road constructions. I totally enjoyed the driving, a lot of country music and some weird Christian stations talking about God but in a fanatic way (do not get me wrong, I’m Catholic).

I was feeling free, I was feeling stronger. I was wishing my grandma (she is in Venezuela) could be there with me, I know she would have loooooove the scenic. There were cows every mile, I love seeing farms with red barns, it is like life is so natural and pure over there, like no worries, no pollution. 

I will tell you a secret, a part of me knows I’m always trying to arrange trips out of Chicago because I miss my family so much and the only thing that makes me fade the pain a little, is traveling.

When I finally arrived to Angola, funny because I only saw two signs the whole time with the name of this place, my brother was so happy to see me, he makes me feel special, he can be an asshole with the world, but with me, he is amazing. Since the first minute, we started to go around the town, I felt impressed with the look of the houses, some of them need a lot of work, the victorian style is getting opaque because of the lack of maintenance (my dream is to have some day a victorian house with a big bay window where I can drink my coffee in the morning and make it my reading spot).

We went to Pokagon State Park (sounds like Pokemon Go); amazing forest, tall trees that made me feel I was in Twilight. I did something that when I was a kid, my Mom prohibited. I found a wellspring and I drank water from it, was very hot and I  wanted to try. Then we went to Lake James… I just wished to have my swimming suit, what a place, the water looked so fresh. The houses around the lake were perfect for a family vacay and they are not expensive to rent.

But the best thing on this trip was the Amish town. OMG, I was so excited and happy to be there, always feel curious about them, even when I only saw them from distance riding bikes and on their carriage, I was feeling I was in a different place, like back in time, it’s something hard to explain, you must live it by yourself.

The time came and I needed it to go back, I had a really good time, I could not read, not even write, just took some notes but this getaway makes me refocus on my goals and I know even when it is not easy, I’m not going to stop until I get my chance. 

For now, I will say “Thanks Angola for what you did, I will see you soon”.


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  1. I’ve never been there, yet I’ve lived in Indiana my whole life.

    1. bellafilippi says:

      Girl, it’s very nice. Peaceful and quiet!! Nice for a one day trip. Lakes everywhere

      1. IL make a note to visit! 😊 😊

      2. Thank you, and apologies for the typo. My autocorrect is a ninja.

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