Only coffee, no sugar inside my cup…



Long were those nights when I thought we were together. 

I counted my footsteps on the sand the other day trying to find yours close to me, but you were not there.

I used to pray all day, all night for a whole month, for you, but I just noticed that the floor break deep… again.

My grandma said I lost my mind the day I met you, but how can I explain her this feeling that is something stronger than me? something out of this world, that is why I like you because you are different. You gave me colors and now I’m under the cold rain.

This is a game I cannot win, I’m not living the story I wanted it… I’m wondering which version of you I had when I kissed you after so long… 

do you remember?

Tonight, I’m letting you go dying from inside, trying not to come in tears. I’m forgetting how to breathe. I’m feeling it all.

Did you know I was feeling something real? I could have died for you, did you know? It is not that the meaning of life? Dying instead of the one you love?

I was driving home when I first cried, I should have known. I’m not regretting of what happened, but I should have listened when they said: “stay away, you are too good for him”.

It is fair to be played by your dark twisted love when I loved you so?

I do not want to keep walking between blurred lines… I will keep that letter you never received, you do not need to read the handwritten honest me.

Therefore, I will tell you a secret, you marked my soul.

Maybe it was real, in that moment when we were you and me… or maybe that is what I will tell myself forever to help me to sleep through the night.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. BAMWrites says:

    Sad and well written. Lots of deep lines and you don’t waste a word.

    1. bellafilippi says:

      Thank you so MUCH!!!!!!

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