Why I love myself



Nobody can stop me now; I realized what I want and what I deserve.

Nobody can tell me what to do. I have a constant reminder that drives me to live what It was denied earlier when I didn’t know who I was. Now it is time to live my dreams.

When a woman knows what she wants she does not go around the world asking others what she needs to be happy. I’m not asking for permission to be who I really Am… if you like me, great, if you don’t, great too.

I stop questioning myself for everything I did or do, I’m fully aware of every move that I’m giving, and I know which steps will drive me to achieve what I want. I work hard, and I have sacrificed a lot.

Took me a while to understand that I don’t need some people in my life, even if the decision was painful to made, and I began to move away from them. I’m valuing my time alone because I know one day, I will share it.

I know what I want from a man, and what I don’t. I will not accept anyone in my world, in my mind, in my heart if is not worthy of my time. No matter what others say or think, It’s my happiness.

I said goodbye to my insecurities. I’m not less interesting than other women, we all are different and beautiful in our own way. I don’t need to be told how beautiful I am, but I still thanks if someone makes a compliment.

 I learned how to find my own freedom, and to live my life without expecting to others do something for me.

Because, I just want to be happy. Because, I just love myself.


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