High on loving…


I have the sun thousand miles away, and winter is coming.

The sky looks grey, I need some rain.

I’m here, sitting in my darkness trying to sew your spirit to mine.

I couldn’t find a day to write this letter, I don’t want to keep looking anymore, I’m just tired.

Am I hopeless? I’m just a woman trying to make her path away from home.

Love, you broke through my walls and saved me.
I just realized, you are the first thing I know I can believe in… should I feel scare? Or maybe I just need to forget about all this, and runaway.

I’m high, and you are making me inhale this poison too when you sniff… can we stay like this?

I love the brightest days from the darkest nights when you are around.

I love how you burn all the demons that sometimes are trying to kill my freedom.

Let me lay down on your bed, I just need a few minute to get back. I promise you, you can have the best of me.

I want to touch the sky in every breath; I want to feel I’m in heaven without asking for mercy.

I don’t need more search; you are giving me what I need, what I’m missing. You are flaming my veins, better than a joint, almost feeling like meth.

Your healing hands don’t hurt anymore… May I just feel, and live this how you want us to be?


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