How to understand the pressure


Have you ever thought why you asked  yourself, again and again, why is always the same story with you and cupid? Is he mad with us or what?

The other night I was talking to a friend about this, he said that I’m certainly asking the wrong questions.

Life have taught us if we fall 5 times, we got up 6.

I’ve noticed that there are people who come to our lives to teach us something and then, they leave. But we not always learned what we needed so the life makes us repeat the story again and again. This happens a lot to those who “seek love”, like me.

According to my grandmother, this someday will come to an end.

It’s 12:14 am, I’m sitting on my couch thinking and writing, analyzing what’s wrong with me and I have found another question. What all this guys have in common? Of course, I knew the answer but I didn’t want it to see it. My mind told me “until the day you learned, he will not come.”

I stop asking “why”, now I just wonder “why”. Each one of them left me with a lesson. Things always have a reason for being; most of the time people who come to our lives are because we attract them.

Here I am, wondering in silent, why he came back? Why he keeps making my world to tremble? For sure, there is something else I must learn, with time I will know what it is.

 Life is playing hard involving him again because I have no self-control when he is around.

In that last hug, I knew I will listening more my inner self, and my heart. And I realized that everything will be fine.

Life can be so short if we spend time just thinking about the “what could have happened if”. I don’t want to spend my next 5 years just wondering, I’m not lost anymore, I know where I’m going and for sure, I’m enjoying my view.

Why I love myself



Nobody can stop me now; I realized what I want and what I deserve.

Nobody can tell me what to do. I have a constant reminder that drives me to live what It was denied earlier when I didn’t know who I was. Now it is time to live my dreams.

When a woman knows what she wants she does not go around the world asking others what she needs to be happy. I’m not asking for permission to be who I really Am… if you like me, great, if you don’t, great too.

I stop questioning myself for everything I did or do, I’m fully aware of every move that I’m giving, and I know which steps will drive me to achieve what I want. I work hard, and I have sacrificed a lot.

Took me a while to understand that I don’t need some people in my life, even if the decision was painful to made, and I began to move away from them. I’m valuing my time alone because I know one day, I will share it.

I know what I want from a man, and what I don’t. I will not accept anyone in my world, in my mind, in my heart if is not worthy of my time. No matter what others say or think, It’s my happiness.

I said goodbye to my insecurities. I’m not less interesting than other women, we all are different and beautiful in our own way. I don’t need to be told how beautiful I am, but I still thanks if someone makes a compliment.

 I learned how to find my own freedom, and to live my life without expecting to others do something for me.

Because, I just want to be happy. Because, I just love myself.

High on loving…


I have the sun thousand miles away, and winter is coming.

The sky looks grey, I need some rain.

I’m here, sitting in my darkness trying to sew your spirit to mine.

I couldn’t find a day to write this letter, I don’t want to keep looking anymore, I’m just tired.

Am I hopeless? I’m just a woman trying to make her path away from home.

Love, you broke through my walls and saved me.
I just realized, you are the first thing I know I can believe in… should I feel scare? Or maybe I just need to forget about all this, and runaway.

I’m high, and you are making me inhale this poison too when you sniff… can we stay like this?

I love the brightest days from the darkest nights when you are around.

I love how you burn all the demons that sometimes are trying to kill my freedom.

Let me lay down on your bed, I just need a few minute to get back. I promise you, you can have the best of me.

I want to touch the sky in every breath; I want to feel I’m in heaven without asking for mercy.

I don’t need more search; you are giving me what I need, what I’m missing. You are flaming my veins, better than a joint, almost feeling like meth.

Your healing hands don’t hurt anymore… May I just feel, and live this how you want us to be?