Under a thousand stars


Days and cold nights are making a nest on my bed, do you wanna know why? because I miss you.

Save me some kisses that makes the Earth stay still… like when you touch me under the stars.

Kiss me under the rain until my lips get numb from the freezing shadows… 

Make me yours tonight.
I know, I’m wasting the time that I no longer have… but you are worth it.

Should I stop? I’m smiling under my scars.

I wrote you a letter.

 I wish I could be next to you when you read it. I had it under my bed for so long waiting for the perfect moment, but the ink on my rib started to burn.

I have some extra time until my wound start bleeding again.

Sometimes I wonder if you wonder… have you ever wonder?

I remember your hands on my hips when we were dancing under the moon light, with the white smoke that tangled us.

I know days happened so fast, we are going away too, and faces are invisible in this city where I’m a stranger.
I’m here seeing you without being seeing, I’m here touching you, I’m here feeling you. Every night I have a new dream, and waking up every morning with your scent next to me, makes this emptiness the most real of my dreams.

Let’s go back in time, and let me say “thank you”. Thank you for looking at me that afternoon, thanks for being far from my fears, Thanks for give me the love I thought I deserved… a full love,  not an in pieces love…in a place where we are one.


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