“Fire meet gasoline”


Shhh … I do not want to wake up my love, sleep a little more.

I have been awake for one hour, I couldn’t sleep anymore, I realized today it’s the last day of this dream. 

Are you going to remember me when I’m gone?

I’m still not believing this. 

Do you want to know what I am feeling? Right here, in your arms… I feel completed.

I’m scared, please hold me tight, and make me believe. 

Are you going to let me go again?
How does it feel to be in love?

 I have being out of the road for so long, now I’m confused. I think when you love someone is when you want to give your everything.

How did I make it? 

 I used to pray for that night when I saw you after so long everyday. 

Do you know what you did? When you hug me, I felt how you collected all my broken pieces and reattached then again.

I’ve learned to know you again. Do you know who I am? I can feel how the time stopped between us, and it seems like we were never apart, and since the first moment you hold me, I knew I was Home.

I have tried many times to imitate my happiness with you, but that only gave me feigned loves and empty kisses.

 Why do you feel so real?

 I can see what I want right now… but I’m hopeless.

Keep sleeping hun I’m just going to whisper on your ear: “I’m just a girlstanding in front of a boyasking him to love me”.  

Can you feel me?

I want to belong. I know you know I pray every night, I know you know my wishes. I want my Wonderland, my forever. 

Can you walk this life with me?

I know who you are, you don’t have to pretend. Do you have any idea how much I trust you?

I want your hazelnut kisses every day but that tiny voice in my head keeps telling me to walk away.

I’m terrified that all those “I love you” and “I’ll miss you” will become just a memory. 

What do you want from me? 

Do you want me for who I am?

I’m worthy of all the good things in life…but for now, just kiss me and say goodbye.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Chris K says:

    How is it possible not to love you?
    That is a question that I struggle with every single day. It comes as naturally as sunrise and warms my soul just the same.
    How is it possible not to love you?
    I will never know.

  2. lizcasteel says:

    This is lovely! Wonderful post! Thanks for sharing.

    1. bellafilippi says:

      Thanks for reading💕

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