Take me to the beach



I have crossed deserts just to find your eyes. Swam the darkest waters for some time with you. Searching in places where my Mom used to say “do not go”.
A piece of something still telling me to find you. I’m coming tonight… let the door open.

I can feel I’m getting closer, do not push me back.

I have knock so many doors looking for the one I need.

I just want to be in a place I can call mine. I want to call you mine.

I’m moving closer, can you hear me walking? 

Only you can take me to the beach.

I have never been there, show me what I have been missing.

I have been tricked, I don’t want to feel the pain.

Let me feel you. Take me somewhere I can breathe, I have been without air for so long… take me to the beach.

This ride started a year ago, I can confessed I have seeing so many faces.

I’m coming one more time, but do not let me drown, I do not want to fight against the tide. This time feels so different, you are different… can you feel me?


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Christopher Robin says:

    Absolutely beautifully written.

    March 4th,
    “I’m coming, I’m coming tonight… Let the door open.”

    The door is open.

    What a pleasure to read.

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