This is for you, the girl who broke my friend’s heart…


I didn’t know you as I wanted, but I knew him.

He was my friend, honestly. You never understand that, and that’s why he disappeared for so long.

He treated me with respect, he used to make me smile the whole time, he was my brother.

I know he was good to you, he is one of a kind; he is a person who always gives his best whenever he can.

He was there when I needed him, and he never judged me. He broke up our friendship to make you happy, just to show you how much you meant to him.

He is the kind of man who takes care of a girls fear and forces her to grow; I know he fought for your dreams, and he focused on everything you needed.

He is hurt; I can feel it in his voice when he pronounces your name.

I know you were too young when they made you promise to love each other.

Let me tell you something, I hope one day God will send me a guy like him, a guy who will love me as much as he loved you. He was the guy you were supposed to end up with, the one who would supposed to make everything possible just for your happiness… that guy you hurt is my friend, and my brother. 

Take me to the beach



I have crossed deserts just to find your eyes. Swam the darkest waters for some time with you. Searching in places where my Mom used to say “do not go”.
A piece of something still telling me to find you. I’m coming tonight… let the door open.

I can feel I’m getting closer, do not push me back.

I have knock so many doors looking for the one I need.

I just want to be in a place I can call mine. I want to call you mine.

I’m moving closer, can you hear me walking? 

Only you can take me to the beach.

I have never been there, show me what I have been missing.

I have been tricked, I don’t want to feel the pain.

Let me feel you. Take me somewhere I can breathe, I have been without air for so long… take me to the beach.

This ride started a year ago, I can confessed I have seeing so many faces.

I’m coming one more time, but do not let me drown, I do not want to fight against the tide. This time feels so different, you are different… can you feel me?