I have been watching the signs since that trip to clear my mind.

I can see you are getting confuse, and you are losing me. But today, we still fine.
Do you want to be mine? Can that be possible?

All mine…we can live in Boston like you said.

Every 3 days we are breaking up, then I’m calling you to say “I miss you”.

I know if we go through, I will stop being myself… you cannot protect me.

What happen if we make it? We are taking this too far… If we are…I know I will have to forget about him forever, I’m choosing you instead of him. I know you are good, I know you can be good for me, I can become the good girl I used to be, before all of you.

I passed my bed time yesterday thinking, I was alone in my bedroom trying to find out where my heart is. The other half of my bed its cold, Am I ready?

I know you still care about her.

We are complicated but beautiful at the same time… this could be the best story ever written, and could be mine.

I always make a big deal out of the little things, I like to get what I’m asking for but you… you are something I don’t know if I really want. Do you want me?

I just want to say “he is mine, and I’m his.” Fuck what they will say, right now, I’m really asking you… Do you want me?

You were the last 2015 kiss… you are becoming my nights I don’t know if I should ask for Diazepam, and forget about this insomnia with your name.

Tonight I want your hands do the talking, maybe we need to believe this could be true, and let the long secrets stayed hide as you know who we used to belong…



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