Let’s talk


Hello you, how are you? Do you miss me like I miss you? I know we didn’t talk in a while, I needed some time. Would you like to come tonight? Let’s talk.

I know how you like things, but this time be gentle, and maybe later be rough.

Let’s leave the lights on; I need to read your eyes. Put me into your arms, and make the silent talk.
Can you hold me tight like you mean it? I know you and I need to make this moment forever.

I know you can see my scars, I only have two, I don’t care this time if you ask, see me as I am.

I want you to give me the pleasure of thousand times like when we were one.
Can I keep you this time? Can you keep me forever?

I feel you close; you are burning my skin in every kiss. This is what people call love?

Stay tonight, stay every winter night. Be my Friday night and my Saturday whole day.

Do you remember that day when my roommate got mad because of our late nights? He woke up in the middle of a feast, we didn’t care, and we just laugh.

You saw me crying when you asked what was happen between us. You took my fear away when you said “don’t worry, we will never hurt each other again, I promise you”. And those words still part of our deal.

Reckless behavior if we fight, reckless behavior in every kiss, reckless behavior in every touch… come closer; let me see the devil in your amber eyes. There’s no place for pure white, let’s light up your favorite and make it dirty.

The sun came up, are you hungry? Bring those cups; let’s feel the magic of Kemet, I will cook your favorite today, waffles and bourbon.

Would you like to talk again anytime soon?


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