A leprechaun spell…


You gave me hopes when my doubts were longer than your kisses.

I can’t deny it; I felt it.

Tell me, your words under the autumn nights were true?

I listened when nobody else did, I care when no one else was around to care. Did you hear me praying?

I gave you five moments of kindness; I thought you were the end of my beginnings. Now, here I am, thinking about the past, with long nights ahead, waiting for you to see if you care again.

Maybe I’m still drunk from last night, the wine was bitter. Was good idea to delete your number, would had been a big mistake telling you what I’m hidden here.

I showed you your value; you show me my strength, why you didn’t stay?

You were playing a game without warning me? A game without rules were Am the pro.

I dreamed with a one knee moment when I was thinking of letting you in, I was praying, but now you show you are not my nightingale.

What should I do with the green on the sky I draw, and your kisses were like promises than never became?

I fall…I fall hard for a dream… I know deep down on you, you felt it too.

There’s something you should know before I walk away and I blow the ending… I cannot explain, but somehow you cleared my sky when only he painted in colors.

There’s no running, there’s no secret… you know where to find me, my walls are down for a night, and now, I don’t care if it’s all a lie.


7 Comments Add yours

  1. plentyofvalue says:

    I know the feeling but doing this doesn’t help trust me i been in your position. Just r ember self pity is not in our plan 😉

    1. bellafilippi says:

      Thank you for this!!! This was the last word about that story. Thank you!!!!!!

      1. plentyofvalue says:

        Realy ? we both know it is still going to hurt

      2. bellafilippi says:

        No pain no gain, right? We can create stories with every experience 🙂

      3. plentyofvalue says:

        Your right them stories is what were all after 😉 You Irish ?

      4. bellafilippi says:

        No, I’m Venezuelan

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