Let’s talk


Hello you, how are you? Do you miss me like I miss you? I know we didn’t talk in a while, I needed some time. Would you like to come tonight? Let’s talk.

I know how you like things, but this time be gentle, and maybe later be rough.

Let’s leave the lights on; I need to read your eyes. Put me into your arms, and make the silent talk.
Can you hold me tight like you mean it? I know you and I need to make this moment forever.

I know you can see my scars, I only have two, I don’t care this time if you ask, see me as I am.

I want you to give me the pleasure of thousand times like when we were one.
Can I keep you this time? Can you keep me forever?

I feel you close; you are burning my skin in every kiss. This is what people call love?

Stay tonight, stay every winter night. Be my Friday night and my Saturday whole day.

Do you remember that day when my roommate got mad because of our late nights? He woke up in the middle of a feast, we didn’t care, and we just laugh.

You saw me crying when you asked what was happen between us. You took my fear away when you said “don’t worry, we will never hurt each other again, I promise you”. And those words still part of our deal.

Reckless behavior if we fight, reckless behavior in every kiss, reckless behavior in every touch… come closer; let me see the devil in your amber eyes. There’s no place for pure white, let’s light up your favorite and make it dirty.

The sun came up, are you hungry? Bring those cups; let’s feel the magic of Kemet, I will cook your favorite today, waffles and bourbon.

Would you like to talk again anytime soon?




My birthday was a few days ago.

I heard 33 it’s a magical number, it’s between adulthood, and the last dimension of younghood (supposed to be an age where everything falls together).

Last year I shared 32 things that I knew on my birthday, and in 2015 I learned a great lesson. My 32ths were a lot of personal growing and learning experiences.

Being 33 now, makes me think about what do I need and what do I want. Kind of ready for my last adventure, the one people call “settle down” if I can be honest. I’m no longer 25, so the “casual” thing is no longer on my dictionary (can we call this a crisis?).

I’m on a different level of consciousness, at the end of the day, my question becomes the same: what exactly do I know for sure?

  1. I learned to fully love myself and that doesn’t mean selfish love. Means I’m kind with myself, and I’m embracing self-compassion. I let myself be, enjoy, see, hear, taste, and feel without worrying of what others might think.
  2. Even if someone breaks my heart, it doesn’t mean I should stop searching for the one who won’t. Love makes everything possible.
  3. Traveling is the best feeling ever, fills your life with memories and beautiful moments. I’m thinking if next month should I go to Arizona or California.
  4. People aren’t always who I think they are. I should stop trusting too much (especially those who say “I like you” to a thirsty heart).
  5. I love to send handwritten letters, and receive for sure too.
  6. Hard work, perseverance, and optimism helps to find what we seek.
  7. Drinking wine is sexy.
  8. If I don’t feel anything on our first kiss, don’t bother, it’s not going to work.
  9. I like “the little things”, a smile from a stranger, flowers from a friend, thank you notes, and a good book on a rainy day.
  10. Yes, I drink too much coffee, and I need my beauty sleep during the week.
  11. Love to wear red lipstick but makes me feel shy (guys look at your lips like wolfs).
  12. I love hugs (I wish I can have one every day).
  13. I know how to say “no” (took me a while to learn it, but I did).
  14. Jesus was 33 years old when he was crucified, I’m 33.
  15. A guy with beard, it’s something extremely hot.


This next year is going to be a year of action. I feel it in my bones that things are about to change. I’m excited, and scared… but like one of my tattoos, “just breathe”.

2.140 millas


¿Quieres que lo admita? Te extraño.

Han pasado 3 años de nuestro capítulo  y aún cada vez que se acerca la fecha en que nos dijimos adiós, te revivo con más fuerzas.

Dime que me amas, dime que me necesitas… ¿Vendrías por mi si te lo pidiera? Pienso en ti cada día, cada hora, cada segundo. No consigo borrarte de mi mente, de mi recuerdo, de mi piel. ¿Sería más sencillo si borrada todo lo que vivimos?

Mucho ha pasado desde que no estás, lo cierto es que nadie sabe lo difícil que se me hace extrañarte, sólo duele cuando respiro. Nadie me conoce la sonrisa tan bien como tú. 

Extraño, tú olor, tú sabor, puedo hasta presumir que te conozco completamente pero jamás lo hago, mantengo en silencio que aún nos amamos. 

Tú sangre y mi sangre no están destinadas a encontrarse.

Muchas veces he querido volver corriendo a ti, ir al estado donde siempre brilla el sol. La necesidad de tú calor me hace anhelarte aún sabiendo que no podemos ser. Quiero contarte que he cambiado mucho y que sé que has aprendido a valorarme en mi ausencia, ellos me lo han jurado.

¿A quién engaño? Estoy loca por volverte a ver, me he vuelto una completa extraña incluso para mí misma.

¿Me devolverias la vida que te llevaste en aquel beso?

A leprechaun spell…


You gave me hopes when my doubts were longer than your kisses.

I can’t deny it; I felt it.

Tell me, your words under the autumn nights were true?

I listened when nobody else did, I care when no one else was around to care. Did you hear me praying?

I gave you five moments of kindness; I thought you were the end of my beginnings. Now, here I am, thinking about the past, with long nights ahead, waiting for you to see if you care again.

Maybe I’m still drunk from last night, the wine was bitter. Was good idea to delete your number, would had been a big mistake telling you what I’m hidden here.

I showed you your value; you show me my strength, why you didn’t stay?

You were playing a game without warning me? A game without rules were Am the pro.

I dreamed with a one knee moment when I was thinking of letting you in, I was praying, but now you show you are not my nightingale.

What should I do with the green on the sky I draw, and your kisses were like promises than never became?

I fall…I fall hard for a dream… I know deep down on you, you felt it too.

There’s something you should know before I walk away and I blow the ending… I cannot explain, but somehow you cleared my sky when only he painted in colors.

There’s no running, there’s no secret… you know where to find me, my walls are down for a night, and now, I don’t care if it’s all a lie.