Autumn Leaves


Tell me how much you like me. Tell your hands to feel my heartbeat if you scent my breast.


I can feel how the weight on my shoulders disappear when you breathe next to my pale skin. Do you want to go deeper?


Missing piece of my puzzle do not rush, I like how it goes.


Can I let my walls come down… tonight?


If this is momentary, I don’t want it. I want infinity.


Kisses takes me higher. I don’t want to resist when the witnesses disappear.


I just need to feel this time it’s right.


If the night comes down, don’t stop. I have being waiting for this. Can you tell?


Make this worthy, make me feel desire, make me feel safe.


I promise you I won’t get enough, I will ask for more.


Hug me on my highs, and let me see who you truly are.  


Are you real?


I’m the perfect target for a hunter, that’s why I leave before the sun comes.


Your greens shows a deep soul in blue clothes.


Let me in, and you will get the best. 


Why you despair? You’re leaving this sharp without a chance of revert?


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  1. Love the picture at the top! Goes well with the writing 🙂

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