One night without coffee


This empty room feels like I’m breathing for last time… it’s getting cold, supposed to snow tonight.

I don’t feel your hand close in any step I’m taking but I know you still there.

Can you take away this tears I’ve wept?

We are not good anymore making promises.

May I just place my head on your chest to make things clear again? I need you magical touch, I need you to put down my fears until my ankles, and give me a bit of the moon and the stars.

Should I give my soul again? Some took my time and wasted it.

They want to reach me like you did but are not that smart.

I grateful for the time we spend… you blessed me letting me be myself no matter the scars.

I wish they can understand my life and stop judging me.

Do you think we can get me higher again? I will try to be the best I can, I don’t need to cheat myself again.

Like the song, you give me purpose.

Should I stop writing about you? I know some day this will come to an end.

I’m not ashamed for my feelings… finally I’m feeling alive, feeling myself… I’m still breathing, I’m alive.

I need another night with a white sheet of paper, a glass of red wine, and bleed until the paper run out.

You know how to find me, you always do, and you always will.

This is what it is and it’s happening now. I know I’m weak sometimes, I’m don’t think straight when you are around… but that’s just how it is.


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