No Mercy


Like a fresh apple that is tearing off without mercy, that’s how you came.

It burns like the first inhale of the white dream in every newbie.

Fall for someone can hurt. But it’s the only way to know how deep you can feel, how deep you can love, and how deeper you can go. Could be nice if someone can let us know before if it’s going to be easy, make thing less harder for our wounded heart…but it is the only thing that makes us feel alive (like the song).

How many memories do you keep under your pillow or on top of your closet hiding your secrets? How many times you release a sigh for that person? Is it worth it?

My treasure it’s on the last draw of my night table. He said a few days ago, he is waiting for the day he can find me again… who’s hiding? I’m not, but I’m just scare to feel your scent again and lose my mind, lose my strength that holds  this wall between us.

The wall starts tumbling down if you are close, and I’m not even put up a fight because I have miss you since day number last.

For you was easy to leave, but I swear, it gets easier when I remember the things they told me about you, and the possibility of a lie even when you didn’t show it.

If I die tomorrow, I will sleep in peace. I loved and you made me feel loved. That’s our purpose on earth, right? To love and be love.

I know you can fit me, but I cannot fit you. Why we are so different and so perfect at the same time? Maybe we are the match of our souls.

Do you remember our last kiss? Was meant to be as it happed, quick and alterable. But after I felt your hands on my body, on my breast, on my hips, everything turns cloudy and a little unsuitable to talk.

You left a flame, you left desire, and something burning that blows my mind just remembering that night. There was nothing sweet or gentle on that last kiss; was clear how much you wanted me with sorrow and desperation.

Those days, have impressed the bitter knowledge of what could’ve being perfect, but was just a chapter on this wild ride with you, the One that was not  meant to be.


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