The Wizard of a wound


“Do you want me to make you forget what hurts and erase the wound as it had never happen?” … How could I reject that proposal? I do not know who I was or what I felt before I met him. Erasing a past that was not worth mourning and new emotions he gave me, today are my north although when he is no longer here.

You got me out of that crowd that overwhelmed me, but I always knew you wouldn’t stay, even if I asked you. I read once that soul mates are responsible to reconcile us with life, to heal and hurt at the same time. I loved you.

That was something between two, a secret in dead voices. We enjoyed the taste of envy of those who wanted me and those who wanted you. You had sweetened my nights and my days, I was ready for you and you were ready for me but life proved us we were not destined.

My memories haunt you as much as yours haunt me? I forget to burn your marks, and now I carrying indelible.

Do you remember me? Do you still have my smile that you liked so much etched in your mind on your wettest dreams?

Do you remember that first kiss when I was about to leave?

I’d love to see you again, but, where are you? Let me tell you all that I hide in letters because those eyes are watching us in every step; we have a flame that still has not become ashes.

But, it’s ok now. We will always be like those two lovers on an autumn afternoon walking through the village, hiding from the blessing of some gods.


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