Maid of Honor


How can I tell you in 5 minutes how thankful I am for a sister like you?

We know each other since we were 14 years old. Some memories still fresh, like when you were living in that apartment in El Cafetal and we sat down on your balcony to drink Coca-Cola and did our nails with that red nails polish.

I see you’re happy, the man sitting next to you show me a look that doesn’t lie, his eyes are telling me he will support you, he will respect you, he will love you, and he loves your children. I can say, his love is big and strong, and therefore, deserve each other.

There will be hard times, yes, but I know you guys are going to deal with everything, you will be a happy family, with the missteps of a marriage and everything that comes, I know you are going to win.

We share a lifetime my sis, but by circumstances, we separated for a few years, we missed a few stages, but always paying attention to the evolution of our dreams and future.

Do you know what I’m feeling right now? Pride. I’m proud to see you becoming this woman; the word “fighter” doesn’t fit you enough.

Genaro, I’m happy to call you my brother. These days have showing me the great man you are, and I know you will take care of her and make her happy.

Today is your wedding day, but this is not just a celebration with a nice dress, a cake and a toast, here is a starting for a new chapter, you must write every single day about this celebration.

That every day is a reason to be happy, keep up this flame of love, feed it every day.

You are now two people thinking and acting as one, live every moment with a firm idea.

My grandmother always told me that the key for a good marriage is to listen, to respect, to support, and above all, to love.

I know among the millions of options your lives offered you, you have found the best, you have found yours.

“God bless Family Garcia-Rodriguez”…


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