Miss Movin’ On


Everything was feeling good, everything was extraordinary but I’m taking back my pride and moving away from your shadow, walking away from your disturbed mind. I do not need this, I don’t deserve it.

I realized what I already suspected; I’m leaving without telling you.

You went from being who stroked my soul to be a cold memory that haunts me at night without realizing I’m already awake.

 I always knew how to read the signs that warned me of that abyss, but I was so focused on the dream I was looking that I did not expect what would come next.

 Here there were no failures, only bad decisions and believe me, I’m an expert on them when it comes to men. I do not need your answers because I don’t have questions, I will not keep you, I gave up the dream you gave me.

 This is my card on the table, I decided not turning back, and I want you to get lost in the fog. I want you to keep your distance without having to ask you, I was weak and I still have some traces but those are good because remained me the things I can’t accept anymore. I’m not longer needing your call, and do not want to wait for that “I love you”… now, it’s enough, now I’m moving on.

 Here I am, exhausted of the same lies, and less likely to believe the story. I grew up with this lesson and I will not bury my learning.

 You’re a bitter defeat that has some sweet when I wake up in my own floor that does not feel cold anymore.

Do you know what the best of this is? The vodka does not need to get mix, on the rocks I realize I did not lose, you are the looser.


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