Dark Dreams


Long time no talk old love…

We don’t belong to each other, but you’re still making my heart go hard… like I know I’m still making you go…

You’re still giving more reasons to feel alive.

We keep this feeling for our self; no one needs to know about our whispers in the dark, about our untold plans looked out in our memories, and about that wind with sparks in our eyes like a twilight next to the beach.

Can you just keep me next to your thoughts, next to your night table as I will keep you next to my yearning box every time we spoke? Every time we loom?

Maybe someday, before we leave this place we will meet again, and we will burn together all the ashes in a farewell night without words, without witness, without regrets.

You healed me, you sewed my soul and as far as I felt, our memories are better than thinking about writing another chapter.

If I die tomorrow, I will be fine, you that soul mate, something I never thought possible after being played so many times. I know you shatter me, but I reborn stronger and bright, I own my life to you today.

I can recognize the woman I was trying to understand in the mirror.

Today I heard a song “only words bleed”. I’m not bleeding anymore, you know that; my wound is headed.

Can I ask for one last thing?

Please, hold me tight before you go for good, and read in my darkness eyes my wish of never let me go.

Don’t forget how we kissed under the southern sky back in spring when the cold burned our skin and the lies flew like raptors without mercy in an undeveloped story.

Be sure, anywhere you go, you were my favorite nights, my favorite mornings and my favorite time.


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