Your present


I’m good at writing lines without recipient, but not so much writing a letter I’m not going to send.

Did you know I liked you when you were sleeping? Did you know I loved your smile when you just woke up those days of March? Did you know I loved fighting for the sheets when we didn’t want to get up? Did you realize you capture me the day you hugged me and I push you because was hot?

These pass weeks I understood we felt different and our story has two meanings, yours and mine.

You were my love in your wrong time.

I liked you for how you were and I liked you even more when I recognize myself in the mirror when I was with you. I wanted to try something, but it wasn’t mutual.

I even liked your big nose, and I liked your lips with some else flavor. What else I liked about you? The sound of my name in your voice, how my hearth jumped when you were around.

I liked it when it was you,  I like it when you told me no one had treated you like me, and the most, I liked when we were playing  on those sleepless nights.

I liked to see you smiling, and thinking it was because I was making you happy. I got high just imagining we were “forever”.

I like the idea of ​​these lines and what a better reason, today is your birthday.

I wanted to take care of you when you were sick, when drunk or when you felt sad. I wanted to feel that you always going to be fine, I wanted to feel protected and that seen every day how the time stopped moving.

…Happy Birthday!


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