You were there when I wasn’t expected to find someone.

You were there to sew the wound I had on my chest.

Why you people are the most powerful drug I have ever try?

You were there to listen all the dream I had and the fantasy that broke down.

I never expected to write some notes about you. Do you know who you are? 

I wish I could know who you are, I wish I could hear about your problems, I wish I could hear about your doubts.

You said tonight “life is easy but we make it complicated”… I’m not confused this time, I don’t want you to complicated mine, I know about you expiration time.

You could be another love in the dark, but I don’t want you to know about a story that it’s never going to be announced.  

Slow motions some days are pushing me closer from where you are, can you tell? Of course no, you were not allow to give me more than just your hand when we met.

Maybe my subconscious is looking for another rush that can make rice the blood on my veins, another rush that can make me high with every whisper… with every gaze… May I?  

You have a bronze skin that makes me trace a line for you to follow under my sheets with the bittersweet of a freshly brewed coffee on a Sunday morning.

You are that threatening secret that can make me fall into a rodeo without the appropriate camouflage.