Head over Heels


What is your story?

I never knew how dangerous could be to fall in love with you until I crossed that path.

I’m hurt but I want to spend this cold night under your sheets. No one else is invited except you … Do you want to come? You know what’s on my mind, you can read me.

Can you feel how much I want you through my scar? It’s not bleeding anymore; the air of the west coast healed the damage.

Come a little closer, I’m not afraid, or, are you afraid of losing something? Turn me on like you did that night when you made me feel it was just me, just you and me. Do it slowly and tell me what do you want when you touch me right there.

We could have been perfect, even with that irresistible taste to crystal that you have.

A physical connection is easily to accomplish but a mental connection is unique… Can you tell?

Can you feel how my body is calling you? Maybe we were meant for each other but… never mind. I will hide you like a dirty secret under my bed.

Its breathtaking just hearing your name, I can hardly breathe when I feel you near, I feel suffocate when I remember your kisses, and it burns me just to think how you make me feel more woman … I think I have to kiss you again under the sun light to come down to earth.

I had everything I needed until I came in through that door. I knew there was something I still missing when your midnight eyes charmed me.

I want to touch the sky and see how it burns beneath us, I want to see how we can be extraordinary together rather than ordinary apart… I just want to be… I just want my lifetime.

Maybe you are a bad decision that can costs me my life, maybe next time I will leave uninjured, maybe I can’t follow you where you are now, but you were what for so long I was waiting to made me feel “I’m home “.


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