I had to reinvent myself when you left but I still believe even though your lies.

Everybody asks me if there will be a second chance, but you broke the wrong girl.

I wait so long to feel the same adrenaline rush he made me addicted and I let you in but I was a fool and now you left me with an ending that never started but without tears.

The point of a story is to love and be loved, that’s what people say, but I wasted my time showing you how you could be appreciated.

I crash hard against a wall on a stormy night and you weren’t there to protect me.

I lied when I told them I don’t need you but I just don’t want you to break me again.

You said you are ready and I believed, but why you set me free? Your cure was worse than my illness.

You were the reflection of my ego, you were a mix between the cosmic and the orgasmic.

I thought you could protect me but now I understand that the only way of erase this feeling it’s across this lines.

I might be a girl who falls in love easily, but I believed in that truth you hide under your arrogance and I saw in you more of what you let others to see.

I was that girl who stood in front of you and asked you to love her despite her scars.

I will tell you something, thanks, I learned a lesson that led me to rebirth.

After overcoming your hell, not any demon can burn me.

Now I don’t pray at night to see you again, now I pray for you to get what makes you happy.

Today we have memories that if we cross the street, just our eyes will pronounce that hello my lips are no longer know how to express.


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