My Holy Week


This year I decided to go to Arizona, specifically Tempe (a city near to Phoenix). I called my trip “spiritual retreat”.

Many people claim to be religious but at the end, we are all sinners, no one is perfect.

I always try to spend my Easter in the most respectful possible way.

A lot of people said “Arizona, Why that desert?”, there were totally wrong. The weather was the first thing that surprised me, it’s delicious, a thousand times better than Florida. It is cool in the mornings, warm on the afternoons (without being stuffy) and at night, deserves just a light sweater.

Of course the sun is quite strong and the body craves industrial quantities of water but, I’m in love with that place.

The houses are brown and sand color; highways are stunning; the sky it is a perfect blue and clear all the time.

I saw a lot of Mexican influence (I liked that tourist places display the information in English and Spanish). The food was delicious (I went to a place called Oregano’s twice, its Italian food and serve a “pizza cookie” that is to die for).

On this trip I relaxed myself and disconnect from the routine (I think sometimes this is a must).

I have friends over there so, I met them. They are from Saudi Arabia.

Spending my Easter among Muslims was kind of interesting, and I think I had never felt so understood and supported in my faith like this time, they respected my believes. One of them told me I was the first Hispanic person he met who was serious about religion.

I think people take their religion on their own way, we all have different ways to bring our faith out.

The purpose of this trip was to connect myself with the energies of the earth, with my own energies, and what better place than the Grand Canyon for this. After driving 4 hours or more, we made it. I was feeling blessed and grateful for been there, “God, thank you for letting me see this, and I feel lucky.”

I sat down on one of the cliffs and I started to think, reflecting and letting go (yes, letting go one more time).

I will share my thoughts at that place:

1. If a person is not afraid of losing me, why I have to be afraid of losing him?

2. If I say “I miss you” is because I really mean it.

3. God, I put myself in your hands.

4. Two words can summarize what I have learned in my life so far and have served me a lot: “keep going”. Because everything happens for a reason and nothing is eternal.

5. Have friends that are not your same age. Meet people who are not from your same social class. Invest some of your time in people who have a different culture than yours, people who speak another language or have another religion. This is how you see the world. This is how you grow as a human being.

One of the lessons from the Dalai Lama was: “Once a year, go someplace where you’ve never been before.”

Thank you Arizona for my spiritual search 2015



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