30 days


I thought this might not happen, that you will not catch me.

Everything started with a “let’s try” and now ends with a “now, what?”

Your lack of delicacy hurts a little when you speak, I forgive you before you did (without even understand why).

Are you coming back?

You taught me how to sleep tied to your skin and now, you forgot how to teach me to sleep just with the sheets.

Are you asking me if I’m going to miss you? Ask me that in a week, in a few days, in a few hours.

I’ll be fine, I will end up in just a memory and I will be your Winter Tale. I told you, my life is full of “Goodbyes “.

I was bleeding in your silence; you were absent even when you were present.

At the 30th day, I dine alone with just the light of the stove and your food got cold on the table.

It took me 30 days to feel attached, it took 30 days to know the little of us we allowed us to see, and it took 30 days to realized  I have an addiction.

Are you coming back?

I do not know, but you were cleared  when you said “I don’t have time to wait”.

Thanks for the love in my mornings, thanks for the hugs when I was at my worst.

I know who I am, I know where I am going, and I know I just need someone who can tell me “let me love you”.

I bought the dream you sold me, thanks for making things cleared.

I like the way you can read me, you know I do not like words, l just love the lyrics.

Are you coming back?

Thank you for your company and forgive me for not making  you crazy about me, and I apologize for not giving you the honor of being my happy endings .


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