Too little too late


Hi … How are you? I heard you’re dying… and now you just remember who Am I?

My hands are stained of you … What does it feels to be on the other side? Your wound is bleeding and seems it is not going to stop, you are about to bleed out … Should I help you? How can I do it for you when you didn’t do it for me?

You shout for a love you couldn’t prove and now, look at you; I got tired of waiting… You went after her, I know, they told me, and now you’re coming asking for forgiveness? I knew this day would come, I knew you’ll start to love me as soon as I tell you I discovered how I look in someone else eyes. Do you really think you can do this now?

You’re saying you need me by your side, but babe, don’t lie, don’t forget that I know you well and I know you just want what you cannot have.

Sorry I cannot say your pain is my pain now, he is here now and he is making me smile. I don’t want to see how you burn… go away, and to be honest, I like the way it hurts you every time you breathe.

Remember the day you stabbed me? I was just passing by and I saw you; I saw you in another girl arms and at night you wanted to get into my bed like nothing happened. Until that day I let you hurt me, that day I realized you didn’t love me and I left.

You will go through your life like a lost soul, and when you try to get back to my path, you will be surprise when you find out that there will be no reward, you are not worthy of me and you will find I’m more unreachable for men like you.

I am no longer that silly girl you can control, your lies doesn’t work anymore, my love passed away, and I decided to walk away.


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