It was only a matter of time


You’re like those high fevers that only attack at night and did not go down with the warmest of the baths, I’m starting to convulse.

Do you realize how you make me sweat? I’m dehydrated. Come here and stop this, It’s began to consume me, you’re burning me. Come a little closer, I promise I will not to hurt you.

I have come and gone down to this road many times, you cannot imagine how many, I already lost the count. 

I’m used to saying goodbye …

What I am feeling for you? … I do not know, but, why you want to know that? There is nothing you can do. I cannot define my feelings for someone who shares with another person what makes me dream.

I’m standing beside you because I want you to keep making me happy … you elevate my endorphins so high that when you leave, I have to look for that little blue pill to bring me back to reality without remembering what happened.

I stopped looking and came unbidden…

The last time I heard my beating was so long that I no longer feel his scent on my skin. You are giving my skin a new color, not even my own same type of blood could get me so high.

You should had arrived before our differences were others.

I do not want to feel what doesn’t have continue. I like how you erase memories that no longer need to maintain.

I can feel your heartbeat when your skin touch mine, you always feel so hot between my legs, between those white sheets that appear to have memories of previous nights.

Your hands on my hips invite me to the most unearthly passions.


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