Something blue…


I’m the kind of good girl who is always dragged to the most darkness places.

You have blue eyes with greenish lode that made company to your nervous smile every time you saw me… you are drawing infinite pleasures on me.

You look irresistible on my lips tonight.

I cannot see better this morning, I have been there before, maybe is my desire of future making me blind when you are close. I do not see black clouds on my side but you are blowing then away.

I see you, I feel you, you are getting closer to where no one has been in a long time, and you are affecting my breathing.

You have an irresistible scent today… are you trying to seduce me? Because It’s working.

All the things you do to catch my attention, are spectacular. I never felt so special; I’m like a Queen when you are around… Is that your intention? What are you looking for?

Do you remember how we kissed that night we agreed to not talk about it? This cold winter starts to feeling warm… and we were just enjoyed our lips.

I’m looking your eyes right now, and I have to smile mischievously and say “I do not know what you’re talking about.” I blush and I starting to bite my lip.

I’m not capable to resist you anymore.

Are you sure age is just a number? My experiences are warning me to be careful.

Your taste starting to make me lose control, you are like a drug, my personal brand. Can I keep you? You are addictive.

I want a new story. Do you want to be the end of all my endings?

I want more than this moment; I want to wake up every morning without memories and thoughts from the past that follows me closely. He doesn’t want to let me go, could you cut the red yarn that attached me to him?

I’m confused who I will spend my forever with.


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