The night is already here, I can see you’re close. I will put my shoes on and I’ll wait for you under the lamppost that vaguely light up the street.

You have become the light of my cold nights and the best soothing for my pain.

Where are we going? Where are you taking me? I can feel your scent, that perfume create the most carnal desires in my mind.

Why we are so perfectly incompatible? You still have a long way to go, and I’m looking to plant my roots, but I can not stop using you, despite of the damage you represent.

My memory becomes selective when you kiss me, after tonight, I will wake up tomorrow having lost control of my emotions and I will be again, as the first day we met, lost in your eyes.

Your hair is soft as taffeta; can you feel how my fingers glide when we kiss passionately? Your black amber eyes shows a look so deep like The Marinas Trench; Do you have any secrets?

You make this good girl wear red lipstick to feel sexier and more desirable in your eyes so your hands can be those that can travel on her skin when you want to try to control yourself.

Should I tell you to stop looking for me?

I never imagined you could mean so much, we were just playing around at the beginning, now I can not get out from this suicidal game, you test my sanity in every touch.

Now that we’re here and I’m not thinking correctly, What are you waiting to touch me as only you know how?


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