The night is already here, I can see you’re close. I will put my shoes on and I’ll wait for you under the lamppost that vaguely light up the street.

You have become the light of my cold nights and the best soothing for my pain.

Where are we going? Where are you taking me? I can feel your scent, that perfume create the most carnal desires in my mind.

Why we are so perfectly incompatible? You still have a long way to go, and I’m looking to plant my roots, but I can not stop using you, despite of the damage you represent.

My memory becomes selective when you kiss me, after tonight, I will wake up tomorrow having lost control of my emotions and I will be again, as the first day we met, lost in your eyes.

Your hair is soft as taffeta; can you feel how my fingers glide when we kiss passionately? Your black amber eyes shows a look so deep like The Marinas Trench; Do you have any secrets?

You make this good girl wear red lipstick to feel sexier and more desirable in your eyes so your hands can be those that can travel on her skin when you want to try to control yourself.

Should I tell you to stop looking for me?

I never imagined you could mean so much, we were just playing around at the beginning, now I can not get out from this suicidal game, you test my sanity in every touch.

Now that we’re here and I’m not thinking correctly, What are you waiting to touch me as only you know how?



When I met you, I saw you were a sinner, I always knew you were not the dream guy but I fall for you instantly. I knew that loving you I was making a huge mistake but, you were my first best mistake.

Then I met him, he came and fixed my soul, I was broken…he did a good job. He killed those demons that you left behind, but just momentary because you came back.

We live apart today, not even in the zip code, my soul keep asking for you, I feel alone in these walls and my heart is beating your name… Do you even know who you are?

I don’t know why you picked me that night on that birthday party. You were the first guy I loved the most.

We are so differently perfect when we are just us, sometimes I pray to God for you to not find another love but at the same time, I know you are bad for me.

 I just want to hold your hand and walk like those couples that are in love… Are we? Do you feel like I feel?
Your smile follows me every were I go, I can smell your sent on my skin, you never touch me as I want it, we never had the chance… How does it feel if we become one? I know my skin wants you, I know my hunger only can be calm by you.

I don’t want to keep looking, I know what I want…YOU!

I know you more than you think, I can tell you are hurt inside, you just try to hide yourself behind that mask of rudeness.

You are the devil, I am the angel that bring peace to your nightmares… and I don’t feel scare of letting you in.

A cold letter


Put your hand on her chest, can you hear that sound? It’s broken!  She is my best friend.

I never felt alone by your side, just my pillow and I know about this. You were always the friend who made my teenage dreams true. I never dared to talk about this because I found out this when I was away.

Sometimes I hear “I was lucky to marry my best friend,” that draws a mischievous smile on my face and automatically, I think of you … but at the same time, I think on: Do I want him to kiss me? How does it feel to be protected by him?

I don’t know if this is because I’m in my 30th, but I will confess: I would like to see if it feels right. I am the one that falls in love when it feels correct, not when I feel alone. For my cold days, I just have to choose.

I like when we are never agree and then you do it just to please me, I like how you make a point with my love life (especially my kind of addiction with Arabs), with some of my music (yes, I like Justin Bieber), and I like how you make fun of my curly hair.

You said I’m not the same, but I am, we are just in different paths right now. It took me a while to find out my way and discover who I am. The ink on my skin tells the story that made me the woman I am today… and you know to who I own who I am.

I was a coward for not telling you when you hugged me before I left.

Maybe I left to be found?