Should I feel guilty?


Like two lovers who are now strangers.

Since that night I saw you at that party, I knew you would never understand the dusty corners of my soul.

I never understood why I love you since that day, do you remember? ; Serious thing as “love at first sight”. You never completely disappeared from my mind. I love you in silence for 12 years; I even love you when another one took your place. Secretly in love felt like being push to a concrete wall.

You dropped a song I couldn’t knew the lyrics, everything was so new, everything was so addictive.

Maybe I wasn’t what you wanted, what you needed, but you can be sure of one thing, I love you with everything I had… I loved you. And that is something in this disposable times does not exist.

I think I should join to the statistics of women who fall in love with a lout… I plead convicted.

Do not say I remember you just once in a blue moon, or after some emotional shakiness… Why should I had revealed what I feel in this distances where are more miles than moments? It was not your fault, not mine, but both. You may have right when you tried to hold me, but right now, I do not want to hear you.

Today I know who I am, I wanted you for me, just for me; you made me feel complete. Neither who was before you, the one you advised me to leave, release me from the red yarn that kept us tied all this time.


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