32 things


I had been thinking the whole week about how to write this, but a thousand ideas melt into the ocean. So I started to goggled how other women reached their number 32.

I would have never imagined my life as I live today, I can say I am proud of myself. I keep my constant search of that place where I belong; where I can make roots (which I think is strongly influenced by the problems in my home country). I never imagined being where I am, living alone in a city where language and culture are not my crib, makes me realize how far I’ve come and what remains to be done (because I can and I will).

The best of today is there will always be tomorrow. So today I started to make it worthy. This is where I allow you to see who I am in my 32 years old, because it is now, and now, is perfect:

  1. Family is the most important thing in the universe.
  2. Good health is the key of a good life. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables.
  3. Be a professional in my work. Always striving for excellence.
  4. As Simon Bolivar said “Being uneducated, is an incomplete human being” (I hope to achieve my goal of entering a master program this year).
  5. Faith can move mountains. If God is with me, who can be against us?
  6. Money is a necessary evil. Having a monthly to cover room and food, it’s a blessing.
  7. Save, save and save money for traveling.
  8. A good book is always a good company.
  9. Dedicate yourself one day a week to be able to read, drink tea and pajamas pajamas all day. Recharge yourself.
  10. Believe in your dreams.
  11. All the women have cellulite (and we will never going to talk about this again).
  12. You don’t need a man because you are bored, NO. You need someone who loves you, respect you and feel proud of you.
  13. He will always going to be my favorite love story (you know who you are).
  14. Living outside your home country, open doors, but also closes others.
  15. Men are basic, woman are the complicated ones.
  16. Blood is not everything. Family is more than just a last name.
  17. I discovered who I am and what I want at age 29.
  18. I like fried eggs with yolk uncooked.
  19. I go for the 19th already and I feel the ideas collide in my head tripping over each other.
  20. Not always we will have a bad day, just breathe, everything happens for a reason.
  21. There’s no one like you, you are unique.
  22. I’m dying to learn Italian.
  23. Going to Disney is a dream not come truth yet.
  24. Women are chaotically beautiful, we only can discover that in our eyes, not in someone else eyes.
  25. If you need be heard, you can count on me (but you pay for the coffee).
  26. Don’t go just for a moment, you are worthy.
  27. Enjoy who you are.
  28. Never say I Love you if you don’t really mean it.
  29. You’re the youngest you’ll ever be.
  30. Be proud of yourself.
  31. There are always two sides of a story. Never judge without knowing.
  32. Maybe it’s too late for these words, but not for me.

Life is a constant learning, if we don’t makes what makes us happy now, we will live in parole.

Life is a cycle. The cycles have deadlines. Don’t worry for things you can’t control.


Should I feel guilty?


Like two lovers who are now strangers.

Since that night I saw you at that party, I knew you would never understand the dusty corners of my soul.

I never understood why I love you since that day, do you remember? ; Serious thing as “love at first sight”. You never completely disappeared from my mind. I love you in silence for 12 years; I even love you when another one took your place. Secretly in love felt like being push to a concrete wall.

You dropped a song I couldn’t knew the lyrics, everything was so new, everything was so addictive.

Maybe I wasn’t what you wanted, what you needed, but you can be sure of one thing, I love you with everything I had… I loved you. And that is something in this disposable times does not exist.

I think I should join to the statistics of women who fall in love with a lout… I plead convicted.

Do not say I remember you just once in a blue moon, or after some emotional shakiness… Why should I had revealed what I feel in this distances where are more miles than moments? It was not your fault, not mine, but both. You may have right when you tried to hold me, but right now, I do not want to hear you.

Today I know who I am, I wanted you for me, just for me; you made me feel complete. Neither who was before you, the one you advised me to leave, release me from the red yarn that kept us tied all this time.

With you…


Are you there? Are you still here? I want to tell you my secret. It may be a secret for you but not for the rest of the world. I’ll tell you who I am when I am with you… I don’t care how you feel this time. I just need to tell you how perfect this is for me, now that I can feel it.

Happiness is a complicated word but it is like when we were kids and we got lost in the middle of the crowd and when we finally saw our Mom we felt safe. It’s like standing up for what you believe because you know it is going to happen because your heart is beating… That’s how I feel when I’m with you.

Can you feel the cold outside? Let’s walk, bring your jacket and come with me, let’s walk around the city to give another meaning to our kisses.

Remember when we didn’t know about love and we loved with all of our heart? Do you remember how to love like we have never been broken? Can you describe it? That’s how I feel when I’m with you.

When I look into your eyes, every day there’s something new. You got me hooked on a feeling that I’m still learning how to handle. I was dead before I met you.

There are some moments I can’t live without. The warm hug before bed, the kiss that dry a tear. Those kisses that take my breath away in the middle of the night…

That’s how I feel… That’s how I feel when I’m with you.