How many times have you wanted to wake up with amnesia to forget what it hurts?
Say what I feel without talking is simple, I hide behind letters. Explanation has become a bit tedious.
I am confused. Do you have something stopping you? Are you afraid of rejection? I think you can read my eyes, and you can see I want to be kissed.

I like you.

You are not trying to impress me like the others, you show yourself as you are, without masks, without apparent lies.

I am not an option, I’m not just another number, I refuse to be forgotten, I refuse to be played. I’ve learned my lessons, I hope you don’t become one.

The intrigue you feel, I feel it too. Although when the water is not turbid, don’t jump, certain chapters should be closed before starting to write a new one. You will be my best mistake, I can predict it. I don’t have time to apologize, and for sure no intentions to doing so, I don’t care what they might say … and you?

I can read desire in your eyes when you’re near me, I can see how you wet your lips in silence. Your look eats me in a thousand thoughts not so innocent.
Are you restless? I can feel it. Let me hold your hand, feel my chest, can you feel like your breath rose my neck and I got wet.

You came without warning and I don’t know how long I can stay, I promise you I will be the good girl I used to be, because you inspire me to be.

Always the other side of the city, makes me feel the most wonderful sparks… girl from the east falls for a guy from the west.


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