How many times have you wanted to wake up with amnesia to forget what it hurts?
Say what I feel without talking is simple, I hide behind letters. Explanation has become a bit tedious.
I am confused. Do you have something stopping you? Are you afraid of rejection? I think you can read my eyes, and you can see I want to be kissed.

I like you.

You are not trying to impress me like the others, you show yourself as you are, without masks, without apparent lies.

I am not an option, I’m not just another number, I refuse to be forgotten, I refuse to be played. I’ve learned my lessons, I hope you don’t become one.

The intrigue you feel, I feel it too. Although when the water is not turbid, don’t jump, certain chapters should be closed before starting to write a new one. You will be my best mistake, I can predict it. I don’t have time to apologize, and for sure no intentions to doing so, I don’t care what they might say … and you?

I can read desire in your eyes when you’re near me, I can see how you wet your lips in silence. Your look eats me in a thousand thoughts not so innocent.
Are you restless? I can feel it. Let me hold your hand, feel my chest, can you feel like your breath rose my neck and I got wet.

You came without warning and I don’t know how long I can stay, I promise you I will be the good girl I used to be, because you inspire me to be.

Always the other side of the city, makes me feel the most wonderful sparks… girl from the east falls for a guy from the west.

Black Widow


Tell me something, do you know what is this? I don’t need secrets, I’m tired of  hiding from the world. I’m going to fill the blank space on my list with your initials as a New Year first adventure. Do you want to?

Is winter now, can you feel the cold outside? Can hurt your skin.

My breath is tracing the border of your lips.. it’s getting hot here.

Every time I close my eyes, I can feel your strength like the black widow venom running on my veins.

I believe every person that I’ve met has a reason and a purpose. Maybe God put you on my path for something…could be to forget that person I fell in love when I was 18?

Do you have what it takes to be mine? Can I make you stay? Don’t leave me alone in the dark.

I’m not a saint, but I’m not a reincarnated devil either. I’ve have stories, like four sure you do to, I’ve made some mistakes, like you too.

In that journey, I’ve been hurt, I’m not going to lie you. I’m not the only one who has lost something. I’ve paid for every heart I’ve broken… and I’m still paying. Do you want to play a game with me?

I know I gave my soul long time ago and he never give it back. I feel I’m living the punishment for those years I spent with someone I didn’t love. I had learned my lesson, I don’t regret but… shit happens.

I’m different now… I know you tasted it when I putted my hands on you. Let me be a good girl again; I’m the new version of me…but with a thick layer.

Would you like to come tonight and break down my walls?

Would you like to be the one who rescue me from this absent?



Time has been my best friend lately. It’s kind of hard to explain how it feels to be alone in these four walls but it does not feel wrong. It feels calm, no drama around. Everything is silent around. It is the only way I have to explain myself why I cannot give up on this. This is not about the love of my life anymore. You were the guy of my dreams and I had you, it was easy… but, this is about who I am today, who I have become every time I sit down and bleed thoughts and memories over a sheet of paper. I know I could have everything… except you. But I’m ok with it.

This glass of wine is making me talk.

1785.7 miles between our sheets. I still have some bruises but no pain. I can touch your fingers when I see the sky on rainy days. Kind of loving this feeling of missing you, loving to press replay and explode a master piece.

Do you still care?

The world is singing a song. You shake my confidence when you show up. You are there down on your knees begging me to go home. Home is where your hearth is…right?