Crawling at my feet, just like I wanted to see you.
You let me go … and now you’re coming back for more?
I’m sorry love. This time you will not going to have it easier.
You thought you were perfect, that I will need you, but I delete your toxic substance when I walked away, without turning back.
I’m not the same girl, you can not have me whenever you want, now it’s my turn. I learned to love myself when you did not teach me how to do it. This distance has help me to realized the power a women like me has on an empty men like you.
Are you nervous? Are you afraid if she find out? I could care less about you getting in trouble. Is my turn to pull the trigger and see who falls first. Do you feel the danger?
I’m no longer needing your medication on my nights; it only hurts when I’m  breathing. This is not a coincidence, I want this to die here, today, now.
Before you go down through that path you came, let’s get lost in the cloud of colors coming out from the light of your cigarette. 
Do you think I’m missing you? No baby … do not make me laugh. 
How can I loose something that was never mine?
But now you like it more, right? The taste of your pain is better than freshly brewed coffee in the morning.
It was fun to play, but I have to go. I’ll take a shower to give you some time to disappear. If you want to see me again, you have to smoke a little more and feel the memories in the air.

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