Are you there?

Where did you go? Why you are not the same I fell in love with your calls at 2am in the morning just to tell me “wake up”? Where are your innocent eyes that told me everything without a word? How many times I have heard you said he robbed you your girl china? How many times did I shut myself in the closet to talk to you while my sister was sleeping?
As we grew up, we are not the same as before, everyone grabbed their own way, we live in different continents but still maintain contact and that kind of spark that always characterized us. Sometimes I wonder if this story will take another chapter or if the end was that night we spent together and we said goodbye.
Remember when you said you wanted to know what was going through my mind and you start to read my diary? The way you understand me was always unique even when you never tried to fit in my world… but I caught you right?
I remember telling my best friend that you were the love of my life that I will never forget, but someone came, and occupied your place but you still keeping your special place on me. Do you still want to be with me? Am I still want to be with you?


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