Good Bye for now…

I knew this moment would come; I’ve been waking up in the middle of night waiting for that message that say you will back here.

Yesterday I saw you with your new life, and you know what I felt? A stabbing, a big hole in my chest and with a tear in my eyes I said “stop”.

Was only a matter of minutes, I had to do it but then, I could only pray and ask to God to stop the pain.

I read on your face that you are happy. I cannot change the past, I cannot turn back the time and take that advice that I should have listened. I remember every fight like it was yesterday, I have been haunted for my bad choices, my pride made me destroy what we never finished to build.  But also, I remember every beautiful moment that we lived, so many smiles, so many kisses, hugs that are not going to return, I could torture myself trying to find answers but I will stop now.

I know I made mistakes (a lot), but I was always by your side. Today, I realized what I did; now you closed the door.

Only the time will tell us if we’ll find our path together one more time…111


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