Spirit World

It’s Friday night, a little cold outside but I think we all are enjoying. Lightnings from the storm are the only lights that illuminates the garden, there is a little haze too.

The music plays and everyone is dancing. I decide to sit in the kitchen to eat some cake that my grandmother made ​​me … Uhm chocolate, my favorite. We are sitting at a round table, maybe we’re all wondering the same thing, are they really here? The room is becoming colder but all the windows are closed, can you feel the wind? They say it happens when we are not alone but I’m trying not to believe; my Grandma told us to leave the dead in peace, they are malignant entities that can hurt us.

The lights begin to flash when we spell a simple “hello”. I went to the basement to check the fuse and it seems everything is in order. They all look scared, my family went up to sleep already, we’re just four people here. My friend Mary insists on playing. I agree but just one more question.

“C you hear us” ?, ask Mary. The kitchen door slammed hard and the board spell “Yes.” I got up from my chair a little agitated and said “No more, do not continue with this,” and the spelling was “Too late for that.” A lightning lit up the whole house, Mary fainted from fright. My Grandmother came down to checked was happening, violently stopped before entering to the kitchen area and said “You don’t know what you have done children, Ouija is not a game, it’s real, and now… they are here.”



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