Give me

Give me some love… I want to love, and I want it now; I want to exchange my heart. I want to find myself again in some eyes and belong.

Can you feel how much I need you right now? Should I scream your name? But, who are you? Do I know you already? Can you see me? I feel like I can’t breathe if you are not around, I don’t want to make another mistake just because I’m alone.

It’s cold outside; the leaves are losing their bright colors. I need your chest; I need your heartbeat next to me… Can you warm me tonight? This house it’s too big just for one. I don’t care if is dangerous, I just want to see you. Be my night.

Maybe I’m not the only one, maybe I’m crazy but I care about you… that smile, that kiss that almost kill us. Is this how love supposed to start? 1800365_10204937079165615_5724920135997121032_n


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