Good Bye for now…

I knew this moment would come; I’ve been waking up in the middle of night waiting for that message that say you will back here.

Yesterday I saw you with your new life, and you know what I felt? A stabbing, a big hole in my chest and with a tear in my eyes I said “stop”.

Was only a matter of minutes, I had to do it but then, I could only pray and ask to God to stop the pain.

I read on your face that you are happy. I cannot change the past, I cannot turn back the time and take that advice that I should have listened. I remember every fight like it was yesterday, I have been haunted for my bad choices, my pride made me destroy what we never finished to build.  But also, I remember every beautiful moment that we lived, so many smiles, so many kisses, hugs that are not going to return, I could torture myself trying to find answers but I will stop now.

I know I made mistakes (a lot), but I was always by your side. Today, I realized what I did; now you closed the door.

Only the time will tell us if we’ll find our path together one more time…111



I’ll be the owner of myself even if I fall for you, just take my hand and walk with me this path. Why is it so hard to accept that you feel it too? I can give you that happiness you always want it. I have the right to know what do you want to do with me, talk to me babe.

Do not let me go, even if it hurts..If you don’t fight right now, I’ll pack my clothes and leave. I want to walk down the street with you and show you all what I want … if only you can prove me you feel the same as I do.

I want to cover your eyes and make you feel until dawn. Your skin is as soft as the Egyptian cotton sheets. This is happening, but feels empty…should I go now?

Spirit World

It’s Friday night, a little cold outside but I think we all are enjoying. Lightnings from the storm are the only lights that illuminates the garden, there is a little haze too.

The music plays and everyone is dancing. I decide to sit in the kitchen to eat some cake that my grandmother made ​​me … Uhm chocolate, my favorite. We are sitting at a round table, maybe we’re all wondering the same thing, are they really here? The room is becoming colder but all the windows are closed, can you feel the wind? They say it happens when we are not alone but I’m trying not to believe; my Grandma told us to leave the dead in peace, they are malignant entities that can hurt us.

The lights begin to flash when we spell a simple “hello”. I went to the basement to check the fuse and it seems everything is in order. They all look scared, my family went up to sleep already, we’re just four people here. My friend Mary insists on playing. I agree but just one more question.

“C you hear us” ?, ask Mary. The kitchen door slammed hard and the board spell “Yes.” I got up from my chair a little agitated and said “No more, do not continue with this,” and the spelling was “Too late for that.” A lightning lit up the whole house, Mary fainted from fright. My Grandmother came down to checked was happening, violently stopped before entering to the kitchen area and said “You don’t know what you have done children, Ouija is not a game, it’s real, and now… they are here.”


Give me

Give me some love… I want to love, and I want it now; I want to exchange my heart. I want to find myself again in some eyes and belong.

Can you feel how much I need you right now? Should I scream your name? But, who are you? Do I know you already? Can you see me? I feel like I can’t breathe if you are not around, I don’t want to make another mistake just because I’m alone.

It’s cold outside; the leaves are losing their bright colors. I need your chest; I need your heartbeat next to me… Can you warm me tonight? This house it’s too big just for one. I don’t care if is dangerous, I just want to see you. Be my night.

Maybe I’m not the only one, maybe I’m crazy but I care about you… that smile, that kiss that almost kill us. Is this how love supposed to start? 1800365_10204937079165615_5724920135997121032_n