See you when I see you…


You start packing already, I guess it’s true, right? you are leaving…and you are leaving me. I can tell you I’m not ok but I guess we were never more than some nights at the end of this chapter.

You were there when I was needing some love when I was needing a hug, even when I just needed someone who lied me. You figured out, this girl is just trying to find the men who can make her feel protect. We never plan all this experience, you are part of my life now, and forever you will be in my memory.

Are you going to disappear too? I don’t want you to leave, will you stay if I ask you to stay?
Am I choosing wrong? For a few moments, you gave me what I needed. I know this isn’t loving, but, thanks for taking care of me.

Why since I’m living in this place I’m getting emotional? I knew this would never have worked.

Come to my place tonight, before you leave, can you? Get in my bed, lay down next to me and show me it will not hurt.


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